About Us

Welcome to Skills Update!

The Skills Update Education Portal is a complete and an integral part of capacity building programs on skills for jobs in Malawi, Africa and beyond. Skills Update enables people, communities, companies and organizations to update and strengthen their capabilities to develop, implement and maintain effective job delivery and increase connections. Our training sessions, courses and events enables the generation of new skills and capabilities within a holistic, practical, and applicable context.

Our Uniqueness

We develop, implement and evaluate training materials and courses to match international and updated standards.

We engage in institutional and community capacity-building, information and data management, and partnerships for development.

Our courses and content is accessed anywhere, and by everyone in the world.

Our Competitive Advantage

  • We have a comprehensive portfolio of activities
  • We work side-by-side with top business executives and career professionals
  • Our training programs embraces a multidimensional approach to a practical sustainable business and socio-economic development
  • We have hands-on interactive sessions


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Innovative Research and Training Centre (INNORET)
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